Part of making moments into memories is the fact that pubs are allowed to show football.  They are required to assess the positioning of television screens when making their venue Covid secure.

Pubs are the perfect place to spend time with friends whilst watching your favourite game.  To secure your seat, view the pub’s fixtures beforehand to ensure you will not miss any games.  Whilst enjoying the game with your friends, you can sip, sip, hooray with your favourite drink!

What Makes Your Moment?

Everything we know is everything you taste; this makes the moment to try something new on the menu.  Most pubs have crafted beer that is Handcrafted for Perfect Moments.

Great Wine For your Table

Great wine or beer for your table?  The only way you will know what to choose, is to do some tasting.  Ask your closest pub in your community if they have tasting sessions.

Do pubs have two bar areas?

Pubs often have two bars, one is usually quieter than the other, many have a garden where people can sit in the summer.  Enjoying the outside air and amazing company with friends/family.

Is darts a pub game?

Darts is a traditional pub game.  It is commonly played in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland and recreationally enjoyed across the world.

Tips for the Bartender

Tips are usually optional in general in the UK, especially in a pub food environment.  If you do decide to tip, this is naturally done when paying your bill.

What makes a Great Pub?

A great pub makes you feel at home, serves good beer, wine, etc.  Most are usually places to relax.  Many pubs are intimate and cozy and very welcoming!

Pubs are great places to hang out and have fun with friends and families. Create happy memories at your favourite Buckinghamshire pub.

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