Turn your Moments into Memories at a Pub

Part of making moments into memories is the fact that pubs are allowed to show football.  They are required to assess the positioning of television screens when making their venue Covid secure.

Pubs are the perfect place to spend time with friends whilst watching your favourite game.  To secure your seat, view the pub’s fixtures beforehand to ensure you will not miss any games.  Whilst enjoying the game with your friends, you can sip, sip, hooray with your favourite drink!

Why Pubs Matter

We know that pubs are popular for many reasons.  Britain’s people see it as their social institution and a key role in their local community.  Pubs are seen as a focal point in the community as a place to meet for events and festivals.

Pubs tend to have this welcoming, warming experience and muted in their décor.  Most of the Pubs try to keep the original features, which makes it more interesting.  Many pubs are found in villages and local communities.